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We are very happy to welcome you to our gallery. The photographs you will see here are an expression of our life, how we see the world when we travel, how we treasure its existence and its beauty. We get a very warm satisfaction when we capture life's special moments in pictures and share them with others to enjoy. Photography has always been an inspiration for us both, fostering our inner creativity, giving us peace and happiness to know we have done something special in our lives.

If you look closely at our photographs, you can see that the world around us has a fascination and a charm that stimulates the creative mind. It is full of happiness, sadness, wonderment, color, detail, simplicity, complexity. It is large, small, rounded, square, smooth, jagged and sometimes just plain simple. We love to capture life's essence, its existence, its expression in our pictures.

We treasure the beauty of each day. We hope you enjoy what you see. Mariola & Kasia


Blue Paradise by Kasia Bitner


Spring Tulips by Kasia Bitner


Santorini Blues by Kasia Bitner


Tranquility on the Beach by Kasia Bitner


Flower Dream by Mariola Bitner


Santorini Views by Kasia Bitner


Dragonfly Surprise by Mariola Bitner


Krakow Town Hall by Kasia Bitner


Day Dreaming by Mariola Bitner


Purple Emperor by Kasia Bitner


Little Ladybug by Kasia Bitner


UFO by Mariola Bitner



Loving You by Mariola Bitner


Las Vegas Night Life by Mariola Bitner


Only Me by Mariola Bitner


Golden Gateway by Mariola Bitner


Tastes like Chicken by Kasia Bitner


Arabian Nights by Kasia Bitner


A Beautiful Orchid by Mariola Bitner


A Moment in Time by Mariola Bitner


Bee one with Nature by Mariola Bitner


Glass Diamond by Mariola Bitner


Blazing Chevy by Kasia Bitner


Curious Caterpillar by Kasia Bitner


Aloe Arborescens Bloom by Kasia Bitner


Crete Panorama by Kasia Bitner


Electric Duo by Kasia Bitner


Laguna Beach Sunset by Mariola Bitner


Ladybug in Red by Kasia Bitner


A Rose for My Lady by Mariola Bitner


Caesar's Palace by Mariola Bitner


Dreamy Sunflower by Mariola Bitner


Whispering Angel by Mariola Bitner


Beach Ecstasy by Mariola Bitner


Ripples in Time by Kasia Bitner


Whirlpool by Mariola Bitner


1938 Chevrolet Coupe by Kasia Bitner


Lifeguard Protection by Mariola Bitner


Pink Beauty by Mariola Bitner


Passage Through Time by Mariola Bitner


Fallow Deer by Kasia Bitner


Glacial Dimension by Kasia Bitner


ConeFlower Bee by Kasia Bitner


St. Mary's Basilica World Youth Day by Mariola Bitner


Christmas Jack by Mariola Bitner


Greek Paradise by Mariola Bitner


Santorini Dream by Mariola Bitner


Valley of Fire by Kasia Bitner